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Say hello to ‘Travelmaking Kai’ – a little girl with a BIG dream to travel the world!


I’m starting an exciting new venture which will take me around the world… This time through the perspective of a curious 6 year old girl!

After 3yrs of procrastinating (when I finish uni, when I get paid, when I get that job – all the when’s that came and went!) I’m proud to introduce to you; “Travelmaking Kai” – a little girl with a BIG dream to travel the world! Continue reading

Another TravelmakerKai Experience… The Wizz Kid FX

When Fabio Tedde tempted us; myself, filmmaker Fred Kuwornu and Stefania Omorodion to an adventure into Kings Cross after the successful launch of Diversity Matters Awareness Week last Monday – there was little to suggest we’d run into this amazing talent gracing the piano well after midnight… Continue reading

Taking to the streets of London with @NexHypeTV!

It’s been a super slow start to the year, and I guess with this being my first post of 2016 I have to extend a Happy New Year to you all!! (Sorry for the tardiness -I’ll fill you in on the dramas, losses and gains in another post!)

Despite the slow start to the year, I’m super excited about the whirlwind pace I’m currently on since teaming up with @NexHypeTV! Continue reading

Istanbul Biennial: A journey through Saltwater…

This year’s Istanbul Biennial theme “Saltwater” suggests restorative properties; cleansing, nourishing and “healing” as the curator, Christov-Bakargiev, has indicated.

And it was the latter of these properties that resonated with me when I escaped the tourist sites (which ironically, I became a sight for the locals Continue reading

BROWN Soul / Seoul

Continue reading

The stencil on the wall: Joe Turpin talks being South African, comparison to Banksy and “Park’s Pleasure” debut

The talented Mr Turpin...

The talented Mr Turpin:  “I can’t date the first time I was taken to a gallery… In that sense I’m very fortunate for my upbringing”

With a successful exhibition already to his name, it’s easy to forget the “pop art expressionism” artist is only 19, a student and living in thousands of miles away from home; Johannesburg. In this exclusive interview Joe Turpin talks; being South African, comparison to Bansky and his debut art work “Park’s Pleasure”


What are some of your influences as an artist?

Growing up as a South African born-free, I was always surrounded by South African art in our home, as well as our family and friends homes. People like Norman Catherine’s figures and Steven Cohen’s screen prints have always been evident growing up and I can’t date the first time I was taken to a gallery. In that sense I’m very fortunate for my upbringing. My Mother, Gisele Wulfsohn was a photographer and seeing her work, her passion for her subject and her exhibition have always influenced me. She’s number one to me. However like many up and coming artists, it’s people like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf and street artists like Lady Pink and Rammellzee that have had huge impact on my aspirations to pursue art as a future. Continue reading

When Africa came to the Square… Africa On The Square 2014

"I am a Londoner, I am English, I am British... However first and foremost; I am African" Kai

“I am a Londoner, I am English, I am British… However first and foremost; I am African” Kai

Londoners didn’t have to travel very far to get a taste of Africa on the 11th October, when the continent of all humanity came to one of the World’s most famed squares – Trafalgar Square in central London.

Africa On The Square was organised by the Mayor Of London for Black History Month. The event included food stalls, live music, acrobats, talent show and much more. Continue reading

Amazing Nigeria…

When you think of a holiday destination in Africa, Nigeria may not be an obvious choice. However Angela Lipton – my first guest contributor – could change that as she reveals some hidden treasures of the West African nation… Amazing Nigeria.

Continue reading

If you had 24hrs in Milan – what would you do?

So much to do, so much to experience, so much to EAT!

If you had 24hrs in Milan, what would you do?

1st stop – experience Milan Carnival in Piazza del Duomo – the iconic cathedral of Milan. Feel like a child in Disney Land at this family-fun event held annually (according to the Easter calander). Continue reading

How to get a ring on your finger… In time for Valentine’s Day give-away!

Single_spiritual_and_sexual_cezanne_poetessSo you’re single.

And by the looks of it you’ll remain that way during the most romantic day of the year, unless something dramatic happens… There could be a Cupid angel waiting to aim a love bow at you!

Cezanne Poetess has generously offered to give 4 readers a FREE copy of her books; How to get a ring on you finger and Single, Spiritual…AND Sexual!

In ‘How to get a ring on your finger’, find out:

What is a ‘Soul Mate’, and How Will You Know When You’ve Found Yours?

Can You Have More Than One Soul Mate?

Are You Afraid of Being Alone?

Find out more about Single, Spiritual… And Sexual in this video


For a chance to win a copy of either ebook, all you have to do is email me your name, the ebook you’d like, your city and a sentence about yourself, under the subject Valentine’s Day giveaway

Make this Valentine’s Day special!

Closing date; 14th February 2014. Winners will be announced next week!

Don’t wait! Enter now! One entry per reader only.



If you can’t wait until Valentine’s Day, download the full ebook from Amazon.com for $3.12 or Amazon.co.ukfor only £1.92!

You can also get the PAPERBACK from LULU.COM for only £6.79/$10.50 (15% discount for purchasing from Lulu!) – a further 14% off until 14th February 2014! (use the discount code: AMOR14 at the checkout)


Join Cezanne Poetess  – Artist/Poetess/Author/Black Love Promoter on Facebook!

Look out for my view of the three S’s – Single, Spiritual… And Sexual coming soon!

Have you bought your Queen a greeting card yet?… Check out this one by Cezanne!


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