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Taking to the streets of London with @NexHypeTV!

It’s been a super slow start to the year, and I guess with this being my first post of 2016 I have to extend a Happy New Year to you all!! (Sorry for the tardiness -I’ll fill you in on the dramas, losses and gains in another post!)

Despite the slow start to the year, I’m super excited about the whirlwind pace I’m currently on since teaming up with @NexHypeTV! Continue reading

Happy New Year from the Sai Baba Centre – Haiti!

Little did I know that the volunteering experience I had in Haiti the summer of 2013, would move me so much, I’d still be figuring out ways to stay involved with the organisation a year and a half after leaving!
Here’s a post from my student society blog… Happy New Year from the Sai Baba Centre we donated funds to!


Happy New Year!.. 2015 is here! Happy New Year!.. 2015 is here!

Happy New Year!

The festive season might have come to an end, however it hasn’t quite fizzled out as we share with you some pictures sent to us from the organisers of the Sai Baba centre in Haiti we donated the money from our fundraisers to! The £267 UALACS raised sent via Western Union last month (converted to $396), provided gifts and stationary to 350 children (most of them are still living in camps after to 2010 Earthquake) as well as lunch during the New Year children’s program the centre organised on behalf of UALACS!

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19 going on 29… The decade that flew by reflective Birthday message

A reflective birthday message as I come to terms with how quickly a decade can fly by…

the Educationally Frustrated student

keep calm birthdayHere’s a birthday reflective monologue I shared on Facebook which I thought I’d share with you… x

Wow… My 20’s have been an emotional roller-coaster! For the first time in my life I know the value of a “decade” and how fast it can fly by…

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Capturing the essence of me… From Photograph to Sketch

A tribute to artists who’ve captures the essence of me… From photograph to sketch…

the Educationally Frustrated student

Captured my essence; Olga Lolo Captured my essence; Olga Lolo

I’m really blessed to know some talented artists who have found my image worthy enough to capture on paper.

Last year when I went through my “big chop” transition by cutting off my processed hair, leaving my natural short hair exposed (a decision I soon regretted), it was the headwrap that came to my “bad hair day” rescue!

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Messages of Support from around the world: VOTE Kai 4 LCC VP!

Reblogged from The Educationally Frustrated Student http://wp.me/p48e4z-1bu

Thought I’d share this with you… I’m running for Student’s Union elections to be Vice President of London College of Communication (LCC)! Here’s a video with messages from friends and family around the world showing their support and encouraging students to vote for me!
Please join my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/KaiLutterodt4VP/
and you can make a short vid too if you want 😀 x
#Kai4VP #EFedStudent

#Kai4VP #EFedStudent

the Educationally Frustrated student

When my friends and family around the world learnt I was running for Vice President of London College of Communication, they made short videos to express their support and encouragement!

I’m humbled, I’m blessed and I’m more motivated t

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“Kung Hei Fat Choi!” Celebrating Chinese New Year – in solidarity with the Black Students’ Campaign

Well, it’s not China but it’s the closest I’ll get to it while I’m still in London! I thought I’d share with you my afternoon celebrating Chinese New Year in China Town, London with NUS Black Student Campaign member Barbara Ntumy, who told me how East Asian students can also be an active part of the NUS Black Students’ Campaign!

Don’t forget to follow my student blog… As much as I love travelling I can’t do it all the time – I’m first and foremost the EFed student!
“Kung Hei Fat Choi!”

With my dad: We climbed the Great Wall of China

Flashback! With my dad; We climbed the Great Wall of China!

the Educationally Frustrated student


And yet I was caught by surprise!

Bang snaps hit the floor hard filling the air with popping sounds, and the ground with empty paper casing littered the streets. The sights and smells of East Asian street food on display served behind pop-up stalls outside restaurants enticed hungry well-wishers. Red Chinese lanterns were a familiar sight hanging above every path of the celebrations (and on the costumes of certain enthusiasts!) And the people? A varied mix of Chinese, Londoners and tourists all jointing together in solidarity to celebrate a family-friendly event fused with Eastern culture.

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iSee: When Harmony went to Hell – Congo Dialogues

Be transported to Congo through a visual dialogue of the country’s brutal past and hopeful future. This photographic exhibition is showing at the Rivington Place, Shoreditch, London. Also checkout upcoming events in relation to this exhibition listed at the end of this post.
This weekend I’ll be focusing on Congo with my blog posts! Stay posted and be sure to follow my student blog: http://www.theefedstudent.wordpress.com
so you don’t miss out!
Travel Making Kai x

the Educationally Frustrated student

When Harmony went to Hell posterThe poster itself hold no boundaries – and neither does the title. The grim reality of Congo’s tragic past and man’s interests in the animal closely linked to our ancient ancestors, is the face of ‘When Harmony Went to Hell’ exhibition showing at Rivington Place, London.

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A Day in a Life: Controlling the Skies of Singapore Airlines

I met Aron Minal during his visit to London in October. When he told me he was from Singapore I was intrigued! From what I’d heard of Singapore, it was pretty much a perfect modern city. Except I got a bigger picture after I learnt about the about the discrimination he, and other Malay-Singaporeans face while job-hunting. Thankfully he secured a good and stable career as a Flight controller last year.

Let Aron Minal transport you to Singapore, and join him at work at Singapore Airlines where he controls the skies!
Please check out my new student blog: The Educationally Frustrated Student. Enjoy and please comment.

the Educationally Frustrated student

International friends!

*Aran Minal has a fascinating job! He’s a flight controller for one of the World’s best airlines – Singapore Airlines. Their national pledge is “… regardless of race, language or religion to build a democratic society.”

Despite the control he has of the skies, Aran l has no control of the inequality that sometimes takes place on the ground…

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The racist face of Brazil’s miscegenation

Such an interesting read! The motivation I need to get back into writing about my experiences in Brazil.


Black Women Of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: The question of racial identity and classification are topics dealt with frequently on this blog. Brazil’s history and reputation has long been constructed upon the idea of miscegenation, the myth of a “racial democracy” and being the largest mixed race country in the world. These ideals have long covered up a the huge socio-economic disparities between Brazilians who consider themselves to be white and those who are non-white.  While there are those who argue make accusations of militants attempting to “racialize” or “Americanize” race in Brazil, the truth is that the preference for European features and the denigration of blackness has existed for centuries in Latin America’s largest country. In today’s post, Jarid Arraes discusses the “racist face” of century’s of miscegenation that has led the majority of persons of visible African ancestry to deny that they are black people. 

by Jarid Arraes

The issue of…

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´Highlighting Brazil’s Complex African Identity And Race Issues´… My response

Retrato do Professor Ernesto Carneiro Ribeiro.

This is a comment I left on The African or Black Question TAOBQ blog; ´Highlighting Brazil’s Complex African Identity And Race Issues`

Thank you for referencing my post ´a lighter shade of black…`

I´d like to give my opinion on a point made
´But what’s up with the Brazilian love for the word “Afro”, which in places like Britain is often associated with the Afro comb! And as all humanity descended from Africa, they ought to consider using African heritage instead

Firstly, I don´t see the problem in using ´Afro´ as a prefix link to Africa. And it´s not only used in Brazil- Latin America in General; ´Afro-Latino’.

Does one have to call themselves specifically African-Brazilian, African-Latino etc to prove their acceptance of their African heritage? (“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” W.Shakespeare) Having options isn´t such a bad thing because you can´t please everyone. Someone might prefer Afrodescendente, another Afro-Brazilian. The point is to get Africans to identify with their African ancestry to ´empower´ themselves. Debating which phrase we use to do so is fighting the same battle as far as I´m concerned.

I am Afro-Brazilian, Patricia in her home town Novo Iguacu, Rio

I am Afro-Brazilian, Patricia in her home town Novo Iguacu, Rio

I´m working on a photo-documentary called ´I am Afro-Brazilian`. Despite meeting many people proud to be ´black´ in Rio, I have only met one person actually calling herself ´Afro-Brazilian` in 1 month of being here! Lets not knock the efforts of African Brazilians/Latinos using ´Afro` as a prefix to their ancestry.

And regarding ´places like Britain (Afro) is often associated with the Afro comb!´
Is that a bad thing for an African descendant to associate their African ancestry to the `Afro Comb´? The Afro, which in its self is a political symbol of ´African Pride´… What would be the wrong in that if that was the case?

And lastly, speaking of Britain. In some ways we (Africans in Britain) have further to go than the `Afro`-Brazilian/Latino community. Because where as there is the option for Africans in S.America to pre-fix a direct link to Africa in which ever way one chooses to, in Britain what do we have? BLACK!

Just a few months ago I was proudly wearing the label `Black British´ (I still haven´t completely shed it off, however I now prefer to just use African). Thank you TAOBQ for opening my mind to the African or Black question! We have a long way before `African British` will flow with ease from the majority of African descendants in the UK but at least the debate is out there and getting people THINKING and QUESTIONING!

One last point! I understand why people dislike labels- why should they?! However, calling ones-self African descendant (in which every way one chooses to) shouldn´t purely be for the sake of identity purposes. As you wrote; ´And as all humanity descended from Africa…` (which I think is a bit of a `cop-out` in many contexts!) I think the correct acknowledgement should be ` we all have some mixed ancestry along the line (which in many cases links back to Africa)`.

How can we define ourselves with just one ancestral link? I for example: I am a dark-skinned British-Born Ghanaian… With a German surname! But it isn´t my surname that defines me. I choose being African to define who I am to EMPOWER myself.

Thank you for the opportunity for me to voice my opinions! Keep the debate alive! The fight is for a good cause!


Please feel free to join the debate!


a mobile pic from TAOBQ debate, London

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