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Party Time in Accra #throwback

Do parties and crowds fill you with energy, or send you scurrying for peace and quiet? (Daily Prompt).

Gosh I’ve missed my daily dose of ‘Daily Prompt’ inspiration courtsey of wordpress.com! Apologies for my long absence regular readers… Hope you didn’t miss me too much 😉

Returning to London- ‘back to reality’ was a little bumpy to say the least. And unlike waking up every morning with the sunrise as I did in Brazil, getting out of bed in the freezing cold was a struggle. So it’s no surprise the weather also froze any source of motivation for me to get out of bed my laptop!

But I’m back in the swing of things now! I’m thoroughly defrosting in Accra! A city never short of events and parties to get some energy following in me again.

Today’s Daily Prompt about parties, crowds and energy (and something else about scurrying for peace and quiet- whatever that means!) couldn’t have been more appropriate!

So I’ll cut to the chase. Yes, I do love a good party with a positive crowd! And for me a good party is a concoction of interesting people to network with (says the journalist within me), good music to dance to (says me), and a few cocktails to help get into the swing of things- always drinking responsibly (says both journalist within and me)!

Accra is the ideal social scene!

After being in Brazil for 3 months and not once wearing any of the three (though I wanted to take more) pairs of heels I squeezed into my suitcase replacing other necessities, it’s good to be in Accra were I’ve already towered over crowds at events and parties during the weekend!

Admitably, there are days where I appreciate the tranquility of my home and no amount of convincing will get me out of the house (unless you’re very good at persuading) 😉

Look out for pics on parties and events I’ll be attending in the following weeks… Welcome to Accra!
But first- #throwback!

Some of my favourite party, crowd, energy moments from last year and further back!









Another round of Czech please!

Cover of "The Holiday"

Cover of The Holiday

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

(Daily Prompt by wordpress.com).

I first went to the Czech Republic in 2008 when a lovely family who have become like my own whenever I visit, agreed to a spontaneous ‘culture exchange’ experience (think along the story line of The Holiday featuring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz)!

Rollerblading across the border into Germany, rock climbing, hiking in snow, and skiing are just some of the things I get up when I visit. Not bad for a city girl 😉

It’s no wonder I keep going back for more!

So I thought I’d use today’s Daily Prompt- Places, to reminisce on some of my best moments in the Czech Republic on a few of my visits.

Expect Mountains, Forests… and I even managed to find a beach in a land-locked country!!











Have you ever had a ‘culture exchange’ that made you keep going back for more?…










Beach, Mountain, Forest… or simply Rio de Janeiro?

iconic Rio!

iconic Rio; beach, mountain, forest!

It’s a coincidence that todays Daily Prompt is Places;

Beach, mountain, forest, or somewhere else entirely?

(Daily Prompt).

Well why have somewhere else entirely when Rio de Janeiro has all those in one city?!

I’m back in Rio where my journey in Brazil started a few months ago. On my arrival to the city, the heavens opened up and grey clouds fill the sky- a far cry from the Rio I courted a few months back. But even without the sunshine painting vibrant colours on the city, three things still stand very prominent; the Beaches, Mountains and Forests.

My journey of refection and finding myself started and Rio de Janeiro, so it’s only right that it should end here when I catch my flight back to London in 24 hours.

Here are some of my favourite places in the Marvellous City!

Lets head to the beach first! Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Barra… the list goes on! How do you choose which one to spend your days lazing in the sunshine?… Just go with the flow!

The crowds clap as the sun finally sets.. Ipanema.




Centro- Downtown

I booked my accommodation through airbnb and stayed in Centro for a month. Neglected buildings, markets, dodgy characters, museums, parks and historical buildings are just some of the characteristics that make up Rio’s downtown.

Personally, this area was perfect for me. Excellent transport options available and close enough to everywhere I needed to get to.

Downtown has a strong city feel. Occasionally felt I could be in New York with the tall buildings, wide avenues and yellow taxis. However the faint outline of mountains in the distance let me know exactly where I was. In Rio de Janeiro!


Santa Teresa and Lapa.


Enjoy Rio’s energetic nightlife in Lapa! Under the famous roman-style arches you’re sure to find samba music being played- the surrounding street makes a cheap and accessible dance floor. Or find your way into one (or more) of the many clubs and bars nearby.

Lapa is also home to the world-famous Escadaria Selaron. It’s a must to have a photograph taken on the tiled stairs by the late artist Jorge Selaron. The steps lead to Santa Teresa- Rio’s boho neighbourhood.

The best way to get up the steeps hills which Santa Teresa sits on was by the bondinho tram. Sadly this means of transportation no longer exists. However there is an on going petition to have them back as they are so iconic to this part of Rio. Who knows, with the eyes of the world on Rio, the bright yellow trams might get their spotlight again!

Tijuca Forest
If you seek adventure, hiking in Tijuca is a must. For the adrenaline junkie, paragliding from the tip of Tijuca Forest might be an option for you. Otherwise, feel free to simply enjoy the breathtaking views it offers, without falling to the earth!

Cristo Redentor
Looming 700-metres into the sky on top of Corcovado Mountain lies Rio’s most classic icon; Christ the Redeemer. Cristo Redentor overlooks the Marvellous City with arms out stretched, brining together Beach, Mountain, and Forest from the views above.
Like any tourist attraction in Rio, expect large crowds! It’s a must-see for a reason.







Italian Travel Journalist Alberto helps me concur my fears by persuading me to step nearer the edge!

Italian Travel Journalist Alberto helps me conquer my fears by persuading me to step nearer the edge!

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Passport to Reality… The right time

This morning I think God decided He’d had enough of me whining about not wanting to leave Brazil!

And rightly so. I mean, I know he says I can talk to him about anything, but I forget that he has a trillion or so other voices to listen to. Like a spoilt child demanding what she can’t have, God decided it was the right time to shut me up once and for all!

I woke up as I have been waking up every morning for the past 6 weeks since being in Salvador Bahia. My body’s natural alarm clock gently eases me out of sleep at 5.30am and when I turn over to reach for the time, I see the first rays of sunshine through my curtain-less window, the rays painting my vision a soft gold, and I just smile a “Thank you” to God.

Waking up this way has obviously had some drastic mental effect on me!





So in the mist of gratitude every now and again I manage to squeeze in a little moan about not wanting to leave Salvador and how it’s all coming to an end so soon. I categorised the latter as gratitude but no one can fool God! Not even those who think they have Him wrapped around their little finger!

Something triggered me to look for my passport. Not so out of place as I am leaving in a few days after all! So despite not having packed, I got the urge to make sure of all the books I brought with me to Brazil, my most treasured was in reach.

When I didn’t find it in the place I was sure I put it, I started convincing myself to make arrangements for plan B- panic!

I’ve lost my passport! What next?!

Without realising that this would in fact be the perfect opportunity to extend my stay if my passport was indeed lost or stolen, I continued to search like a dog sure it buried a bone in the spot it’s digging at. I was determined to find my passport and go home on the planned date.

“Even if I have to start walking from now.”

I convinced myself.

And there was my answer!

I am ready to go home… To enjoy the comfort of my flat, my family and my friends. Not to mention prepare for another term of university!

And right before my eyes it sat there. My little red book to reality, buried in the safety of my suitcase where I thought it to be all along!

God’s time is always the best. I’m learning not to ask too many questions, but rather just learn to say;

“Thank You”



Stay regular… Does size really matter?


Long and detailed or short and sweet? Hard and concentrated or loose and abstract?

And just how often a week or even a day (coz lets face it, sometimes I can’t wait another 24hrs!) should I be preoccupied to my new found means of stimulation?…

Blog posts I mean!

Tut-tut! Well, since you’re prepared, I warn you it may be a tad bit filthier so keep your hand sanitizer near by!

But on a serious note, the issue of the size of the matter and regularity has been on my mind way before the WordPress dailypost decided to give out free innuendos for our private subjects!

Quick tip: Stay regular.

“A healthy blog is like a healthy colon; if you put crap in, you’ll get crap out.”

Well I’m sure I’m not the only blogger that’s eaten a healthy salad for lunch and what has come out in the end has been a sad mass of waste too embarrassing to share, and without a second thought, been flushed straight into the trash-asphere!

I’m no expert at sifting through my waste like former TV personality of “You Are What You Eat” Doctor Gillian McKeith advises we should do! However if I took McKeith’s advice and rummaged through before eagerly clicking the button to get ride of all my crap, I might find chunks of healthy remains still in tacked!

So what’s more important? Size or regularity? If I write a huge dollop of a piece will readers actually have the time or interest to read every word (because I hate to see good words go to waste). Admitably even I skim through long articles to get to the gist of what the writer is saying. If I wanted 1,000+ word essays to read in my spare time I’d stay in the lecture room (says the travelling student)!

How do I cut to the chase in a subject without compromising on length or matter?… What’s a healthy size to excrete without getting stuck or suffering from word constipation?

If I’ve learnt anything in my short time as a blogger about producing a healthy blog, it’s that exercise and a sprinkle of linseed works wonders as natural laxative for getting my posts out on a regular (because a healthy body… ah you get the idea!)… I’m not fortunate to be one those that has the natural gift of producing great posts all the time. So I need all the help I can get!

I guess in it’s own time, I just feel the urge… And I rush to my laptop to write something!

I’m learning to work with the outcome!!

What are your recipes for producing a healthy blog? Please share!!


Photo courtesy Alison Holland

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