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Keeping the gyoza competition tradition: Let’s Do Lunch with world friends!

I do love a bit of healthy competition, so when I was caught in discussion between Romanian-born visual artist and writer Mariana, and Japanese-born interior designer Tamika, challenging each other to a ‘gyoza competition’ to show of their strongest culinary skills, well, I couldn’t resist but to encourage it! And the results a couple of weeks later, was an intimate gathering of world friends acting as judges for the Japanese gyoza competition cook-off… Right here in London! Continue reading

Istanbul Biennial: A journey through Saltwater…

This year’s Istanbul Biennial theme “Saltwater” suggests restorative properties; cleansing, nourishing and “healing” as the curator, Christov-Bakargiev, has indicated.

And it was the latter of these properties that resonated with me when I escaped the tourist sites (which ironically, I became a sight for the locals Continue reading

Brown Seoul: Hip-Hop culture in South Korea’s capital

Since opening its doors in a basement location in HapJeong 합정, Brown club aka Brown Soul / Seoul has continued to provide a service offering locals and visitors alike a haven for hip-hop, funk, soul and R’n’B in South Korea’s capital. I had the opportunity to experience “Hip-Hop” culture in Seoul earlier this year…  Continue reading

Seoul siSTARS: Black Girls Rock Korea

Seoul Sistars: Black Girls in Korea

Seoul siSTARS: Black Girls in Korea, (l-r) Janelle and Maja

Highlighting two amazing young African-American women who’ve ditched the limitations of their home country that come with being women – and black, to reap opportunities that South Korea has to offer them – despite the obvious challenges. They’ve adopted the Korean culture and language which makes them blend in, yet they’re using their ‘blackness’ Continue reading

BROWN Soul / Seoul

Continue reading

In conversation with Sam Okyere: Ghana’s Rising Black Star in Korea

Just hours after arriving in Seoul, I’d already heard the name “Samuel Okyere” mentioned to me whenever I introduced myself as a Ghanaian… And the pattern continued late into the evening. Continue reading

Hang out with Soo and Kai in Samseong (pt 2): reconnecting after DR


with Soo in 2013 as volunteers in the Dominican Republic with Good Neighbors…

From Santo Domingo to Seoul – friendship beyond borders

I first met Soo when I volunteered in the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2013. The young Korean volunteer who at the time was doing a 1 year placement with charity organisation Good Neighbors DR, was my flatmate during my one month stay with the organisation. We got along instantly, going as far as cooking dinner every evening together and sharing our cultures: Ghanaian and Korean!

Continue reading

The thing to wear: Kimonos out and about

Origniak Japanese clothing: Kimono

The word “Kimono” literally translates as “thing to wear” (ki “wear” and mono “thing”)… And Momo (pictured above) wears his well out on the streets of Ginza!

If you come to the capital of Japan with high expectations of seeing locals dressed in array of traditional Kimonos – prepare yourself for disappointment. A different type of suit is the norm for most Japanese, and that’s the western suit. Continue reading

#BlackinJapan: Concerts

If you’re looking for music with a bit of flavour, soul and funk – Tokyo shows evidence of “Black in Japan” this summer! George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic, Jimmy Cliff, Funky Meters, Maceo Parker performing live in Japan…

George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic

George Clinton & PARLIAMENT / FUNKADELIC 12 & 13 April






The funky Meters

Maceo Parker

Check out www.billboard-live.com Tokyo for more info.

Also grab your FREE copy of TimeOut Tokyo!

Stay posted for more on “Black in Japan” project during my stay in Japan!

Kai x

Black in Japan

  Its been a while since I’ve travelled, hence why they’ve been no regular updates from me. The last trip I made was to Berlin for a long weekend – six months ago! So I think I’m worthy of a new adventure, no? 

“Black in Japan” is a project I’ll be working on during my visit to Japan this week – starting with Tokyo!… Stay posted #BlackinJapan 

 Kai x

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