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James Barnor: Ever Young in a Box of His-story

On a visit to James Barnor‘s home, I was treated to a history lesson of Ghanaian and British culture dating back to the 50’s when the 86yr “Ever Young” photographer began his career and became Gold Coast’s first newspaper photographer and later on the first to introduce colour processing to newly Independent Ghana.  Continue reading

Guylene Solon Kora Love #Art4Change

When Guylene Solon turned up at my door step a couple of days ago with more than just a suitcase, I knew this would be an opportunity to utilise her talent (of which she has many) in collaboration with #Art4ChangeHaiti. Continue reading

Edrin’s bedside table: Books on Africa

I spent the weekend in Berlin hanging out with Edrin Kondi – a friend I met during my trip to Ghana in 2010…

I couldn’t help notice the books about Africa he had sitting on his bedside table… This was my excuse to get an interview with my host and find out a bit more about his fascination with Africa.

I ended my last night in Berlin with this interview with Edrin and editing… Can’t complain!

What are your thoughts on the books Edrin shared?

How To Be A Nigerian – Peter Enahoro

DEAD AID – Dambisa Moyo

The State of Africa – Martin Meredith

Amazing Nigeria…

When you think of a holiday destination in Africa, Nigeria may not be an obvious choice. However Angela Lipton – my first guest contributor – could change that as she reveals some hidden treasures of the West African nation… Amazing Nigeria.

Continue reading

iSee: When Harmony went to Hell – Congo Dialogues

Be transported to Congo through a visual dialogue of the country’s brutal past and hopeful future. This photographic exhibition is showing at the Rivington Place, Shoreditch, London. Also checkout upcoming events in relation to this exhibition listed at the end of this post.
This weekend I’ll be focusing on Congo with my blog posts! Stay posted and be sure to follow my student blog: http://www.theefedstudent.wordpress.com
so you don’t miss out!
Travel Making Kai x

the Educationally Frustrated student

When Harmony went to Hell posterThe poster itself hold no boundaries – and neither does the title. The grim reality of Congo’s tragic past and man’s interests in the animal closely linked to our ancient ancestors, is the face of ‘When Harmony Went to Hell’ exhibition showing at Rivington Place, London.

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