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Say hello to ‘Travelmaking Kai’ – a little girl with a BIG dream to travel the world!


I’m starting an exciting new venture which will take me around the world… This time through the perspective of a curious 6 year old girl!

After 3yrs of procrastinating (when I finish uni, when I get paid, when I get that job – all the when’s that came and went!) I’m proud to introduce to you; “Travelmaking Kai” – a little girl with a BIG dream to travel the world! Continue reading

#TheRaceIsOver: Let’s Talk About Racial Discrimination – Haiti/Dominican Republic MOSCTHA

Interview with Socio-Cultural Movement for Haitian Workers (MOSCTHA) human rights lawyer Genaro Rincón (Spanish), with proposal writer and translator Zahid Alan Perez.

Continue reading

Brown Seoul: Hip-Hop culture in South Korea’s capital

Since opening its doors in a basement location in HapJeong 합정, Brown club aka Brown Soul / Seoul has continued to provide a service offering locals and visitors alike a haven for hip-hop, funk, soul and R’n’B in South Korea’s capital. I had the opportunity to experience “Hip-Hop” culture in Seoul earlier this year…  Continue reading

The thing to wear: Kimonos out and about

Origniak Japanese clothing: Kimono

The word “Kimono” literally translates as “thing to wear” (ki “wear” and mono “thing”)… And Momo (pictured above) wears his well out on the streets of Ginza!

If you come to the capital of Japan with high expectations of seeing locals dressed in array of traditional Kimonos – prepare yourself for disappointment. A different type of suit is the norm for most Japanese, and that’s the western suit. Continue reading

Japan so far… Yet so near


Shibuya on a wet day… Remind you of London?


I’m 5950.877 miles from home… That’s the furthest I’ve ever travelled, according to freemaptools.com‘s calculations!

I’ve been in Tokyo for a little over a week (excluding a quick trip to Seoul which I’ll blog about in the next post), and lets just say its an ‘interesting’ experience. Yes interesting because unlike Marmite, I can’t work out if I love or hate this city. It doesn’t help that it’s been raining on stop since I got here, while back home in London summer is making it’s debut appearance before schedule…

However for a £300 return ticket (with Alitalia transit via Rome) – I’m here to make the most of my time – even if it’s a wet and damp one! Continue reading

Transit in Rome… Kiss and Go!

As much as I love travelling, I hate the “travelling to get there” part i.e getting to the airport, queuing up to get checked in, sorting our liquids, finding the gate, queuing up again to board the plane… Then having to do it all over again if you’re transiting!

Transiting through Rome to get to Tokyo with Alitalia, however, was actually a blessing in disguise because it meant I got to see my good friend Francisco, who was kind enough to pick me up from the airport in Rome for my 14 hour layover.

The humour of the 15 minute FREE parking space being called “Kiss & Go” wasn’t lost on us… Only in Italy right?…


On the streets with Daniele Tamagni “Gentlemen of Bacongo”

On the streets with Daniele Tamagni

On the streets of Soho with award-winning photographer Daniele Tamagni…

On the streets with Daniele TamagniWhen Daniele Tamagni’s in town, I don’t need much of an excuse to catch up with the “Gentlemen of Bacongo” photographer. I’ve known Tamagni, who shot pictures for my portfolio back in the days when I used to model, for over 8 years. Yet despite the critical acclaim and fame that has come with his book documenting Sapeurs of Congo and other notable works, he remains humble as ever… And that includes meeting up with me for a catch up on his latest project whenever he’s in London, or I’m in Milan! Continue reading

Happy New Year from the Sai Baba Centre – Haiti!

Little did I know that the volunteering experience I had in Haiti the summer of 2013, would move me so much, I’d still be figuring out ways to stay involved with the organisation a year and a half after leaving!
Here’s a post from my student society blog… Happy New Year from the Sai Baba Centre we donated funds to!


Happy New Year!.. 2015 is here! Happy New Year!.. 2015 is here!

Happy New Year!

The festive season might have come to an end, however it hasn’t quite fizzled out as we share with you some pictures sent to us from the organisers of the Sai Baba centre in Haiti we donated the money from our fundraisers to! The £267 UALACS raised sent via Western Union last month (converted to $396), provided gifts and stationary to 350 children (most of them are still living in camps after to 2010 Earthquake) as well as lunch during the New Year children’s program the centre organised on behalf of UALACS!

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The stencil on the wall: Joe Turpin talks being South African, comparison to Banksy and “Park’s Pleasure” debut

The talented Mr Turpin...

The talented Mr Turpin:  “I can’t date the first time I was taken to a gallery… In that sense I’m very fortunate for my upbringing”

With a successful exhibition already to his name, it’s easy to forget the “pop art expressionism” artist is only 19, a student and living in thousands of miles away from home; Johannesburg. In this exclusive interview Joe Turpin talks; being South African, comparison to Bansky and his debut art work “Park’s Pleasure”


What are some of your influences as an artist?

Growing up as a South African born-free, I was always surrounded by South African art in our home, as well as our family and friends homes. People like Norman Catherine’s figures and Steven Cohen’s screen prints have always been evident growing up and I can’t date the first time I was taken to a gallery. In that sense I’m very fortunate for my upbringing. My Mother, Gisele Wulfsohn was a photographer and seeing her work, her passion for her subject and her exhibition have always influenced me. She’s number one to me. However like many up and coming artists, it’s people like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Kenny Scharf and street artists like Lady Pink and Rammellzee that have had huge impact on my aspirations to pursue art as a future. Continue reading

Day 2 in Berlin and observing “globalisation”…


When in Berlin, do as Berliners do!

I’m loving Berlin for 2 main reasons: it’s student-budget friendly and Berliners walk fast! That equation equals myself as a Londoner easily adapting into a new city I’ve barely spent 24hrs in. Of course there are lots of other reasons to love Berlin. And as the hours go by, something new is added to my mental list.

Since I’m in Berlin for a “long weekend”, I decided to use my trip as “research” for an essay on the Media and Globalisation I’ll be writing this term. It didn’t take very long to observe traits of globalisation in the city that was until 25 years ago divided between communist East and democratic West. For a start – everyone speaks English. However the most symbolic observation of globalisation I made was during my walk around Friedrichshain‬ without a map or GPS. After hours walking, I began to feel a sense of hopelessness that I may have to ask someone for directions because, dear I say it, I was lost! Continue reading

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