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I saw this and thought… wow

I recently booked my ticket to Salvador, Bahia! I’m so excited to get on with my Tabom Afro-Brazilian research and be in town for carnival!

As I stood at the Avianca airport ticket desk waiting for my São Paulo- Salvador- Rio, tickets to be printed my eyes caught the front cover of their latest magazine. To see an Afro-Brazilian woman on the cover of a magazine is unusual (at least it’s not so common from where I stand), so you can imagine my interest to want to know who this beautiful woman is!

Gloria Maria. A journalist!

Please check out this debate ´Black (negro) or African descendant (afrodescendente)? What’s in a term? Three well-known Brazilians weigh in on which term they prefer to define themselves` (http://www.blackwomenofbrazil.com/2012/11/black-negro-or-african-descendant.html#comment-form)


Please tell me, are there any other Black/Afro-Brazilian women highlighted in the media in Brazil?

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5 thoughts on “I saw this and thought… wow

  1. Adriana Bombom, Sharon Menezes, Thais Araújo, Solange Couto, Benedita da Silva, Zezé Mota, Ruth de Souza, Valéria Valenssa, Negra Li. Is that some famous black women in Brazil 😀

    Posted by Douglas | December 27, 2012, 8:17 pm


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